21st - 22nd August, 2019


Moving Africa Beyond Aid: Fiscal policy initiatives and incentives to harness opportunities for development.

Conference Location


College of Physicians and Surgeons

54 Independence Ave, Accra, Ghana.

Sub -Theme 1

Optimizing Tax Revenue for Economic Development: The opportunities and challenges for tax administrations.

1. The effectiveness of tax compliance initiatives in addressing tax evasion challenges,
- Mr. Isaac Danso Agyiri.

2. Taxing the Digital Economy: Tax compliance and tax administration challenges for Africa,
- Mr. Fred Kwashie Awuttey.

Sub - Theme 2

Achieving an efficient customs administration regime: The role of recent customs tax reforms and initiatives

1. Paperless customs procedures, reduction in benchmark values and introduction of Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN): The impact of these tax initiatives in achieving an efficient customs administration system
- Mr. Seidu Yakubu.

2. The Africa Union Free Continental trade - the impact on African economies and lessons from the EU Mr.
- Maxwell Ntiri.

Sub – Theme 3

Harnessing tax policy initiatives through international cooperation.

1. The Economic and Legal Interface of Bilateral Tax Conventions for African Countries Mr.
- George Ankomah.

2. Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters: Taxpayers’ Rights and Responsibilities
- Mr. William Demitia.